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As we custom make each item, Steel Entry’s professional installers can measure any door or window opening. Whether it’s for a hand-forged iron entry door, a side door, light fixture, window, staircase, or even a new iron garage door, our team ensures your project is measured, created, and installed precisely and professionally.

All of our doors come with the corresponding locks, manufactured iron handles, or standard hardware included in the price of each door.

We welcome you to visit the new showroom for Steel Entry at 130 N. Main St., Grapevine, Texas 76051. Here you’ll see up close a variety of samples showcasing the quality craftsmanship in the iron doors, windows, light fixtures, stair railings and more that we’ve designed and installed for homes and businesses in Dallas Ft. Worth and beyond.

The lead time from the time of the purchase is six to eight weeks.
The price includes manufactured door, jamb, glass, threshold, weather stripping, dead bolt, handles, and professional installation.

In building construction there are basically two types of steel sections: hot-rolled steel shapes and cold-formed steel shapes. The hot rolled steel shapes are formed from steel ingots heated to extreme temperatures while the cold-formed steel shapes are formed at room temperature. Cold-formed steel structural members are shapes commonly manufactured from steel plate, sheet metal or strip material. The manufacturing process involves forming the material by cold roll forming to achieve the desired shape. When steel is formed cold rolled forming, there is a change in the mechanical properties of the material by virtue of the cold working of the metal. When a steel section is cold-formed from flat sheet or strip the yield strength, and to a lesser extent the ultimate strength, are increased as a result of this cold working, particularly in the bends of the section.

Yes, each window and door is made to order. If you require each unit to be a different size we can do so and it will be clearly indicated on the shop drawings.

Yes, true artisans working for over 40 years still fabricate these windows resulting in a high quality, superior product with great attention to detail.

Steel windows are very energy efficient and have a much better thermal coefficient than aluminum. Coupled with a high performing glass steel windows provide very low U values. Ask us about providing specific U value calculations for your specific size units.

Depending on the manufacturer, Crittall offers as a standard hot dipped galvanizing and 38 powder coat colors to choose from. Steel Entry offers all products in Steel, Stainless Steel, and CorTen colors for a powder coat finish.

Each frame section we utilize has different limitations. Options are virtually endless. Our in house engineers will help design each project to meet your specific requirements.

There are windows that are over 80 years old still being used today. Through advanced engineering and fabricating techniques steel windows fabricated today will probably outlast the structure they are installed into.

Steel windows and doors are field glazed for a variety of reasons.

1. Steel windows and doors are typically heavier than most other products. Installing them without the glass allows the installer the ability to maneuver the unit into position allowing for correct alignment and shimming.

2. When installing a fixed unit, the fastener is installed through the glazing pocket. Installing glass in the factory would require the glass to be removed for installation. This allows the unit to be installed securely without seeing any of the fasteners. The same applies for units that are fastened together. When installing a swinging door to a fixed sidelite the fasteners penetrate though the glazing pocket so they are not visible after the glass is installed.

3. Typically our units are larger than conventional windows and doors and require many hands to move them. With the glass installed it would be virtually impossible to move these massive units with the glass in place.

4. The glass plays an integral role in the stability of steel window and doors. It is important to have the frame installed level, plumb and square. Once this is accomplished the glass can be installed with the proper blocking to ensure correction functionality.

Why do steel windows require glass to be installed on site?

We carry a wide variety of custom hardware which spans from traditional to modern. We can also use customer supplied hardware if it is compatible with our system.

Yes, we have a nationwide installation network and can service most areas. Please inquire about specific locations.